I love writing about science! It’s my mission to make science accessible to everyone. Science, in its many ubiquitous forms, impacts us all; as such we all deserve the opportunity to understand its influence on our lives.

I specialize in writing about topics within neuroscience and psychology for both general and scientific audiences. Writing samples can be found below.

Once a Scientist Podcast

I am the proud co-producer of the Once a Scientist podcast!

About the Show
Show Notes: Nick Edwards
Show Notes: Audrey Sporrij
Show Notes: Jorge Vazquez-Anderson
Show Notes: Wendy Xin
Show Notes: Sage Aronson
Show Notes: Kate Bradford
Show Notes: Rads Patel
Show Notes: Vincent Racaniello
Show Notes: Chanel Matney
Show Notes: Kay Tye
Show Notes: Sharon Milgram

FP Academy & Neurophotometrics

Educational Resource: Evaluating Raw Fiber Photometry Data
News Release: NPM Goes Open Source
Technical Guide: How to Increase Your Frame Rate to 100 Hz
Infographic: What is Fiber Photometry?
News Feature: The Business of Photometry
Data Highlight: Schoenbaum Lab

NeuWrite San Diego

Why Do I Care So Damn Much About Game of Thrones?
Close Encounters of the Robotic Kind: A Glimpse of Autonomy
CRISPR and the Real World
It’s a Fine Line Between Utopia and Gattaca
A CRISP(R) Explanation of Biology’s Coolest New Tool
Get Over It: Discrimination and Mental Health
#TriggerWarning: Life After Trauma
Heavy On My Mind: Lead Poisoning (Part 2)

Maze Engineers

A Guide to Testing Zebrafish Behavior
Behavioral Testing in Guinea Pigs
Elevated Plus Maze: Understanding the Basics
The Basics of Depression Testing in Rodents
Sheep as an Animal Model
Hebb-Williams Maze

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